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Product supply and customized solutions

Copyburo has chosen to work with a European top 5 brand: Konico Minolta.

Konica Minolta in short

Konica Minolta, that offers professional and modern communication solutions for offices. We sell systems, software and services for the production and management of documents.

With our products and services, we were able to position ourselves as the leading brand for small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

The multifunctional Konica Minolta printers continue to amaze companies, not least because of their print quality while maintaining colourfastness, but also owing to their reliability, far above average scanning speed, a customizable screen display both for the device and the driver, and numerous other benefits.

Customized financial approach

Together we determine the form and length of the materials’ financing fitting your company’s needs and policies in the best way.Several kinds of financing formats are possible, such as purchase, leasing and rent for a period of 36, 48 and 60 months.

Within the scope of a financial leasing, the customer has the possibility to become the equipment’s owner at the ending of the current contract by honouring the purchase option.This format offers you the possibility to perfectly control your costs: you know upfront the fixed amount you will be paying periodically.

A rental contract in turn offers you the benefit of flexibility: with such a contract, adjustments can be made at every moment.

Introduction of the products and technical service

Next to the describing and explanatory brochures regarding the appliances, with pleasure our technicians give you a demonstration in our showroom as well as an answer to all your technical questions. By appointment, we can also give a more thorough demonstration in the showroom of our suppliers, where in diverse domains experienced advisors are at your disposal for extra information.

Technical service

A maintenance contract ensures the maintenance of all your appliances and relieves you from all concerns. Delivery, installation, configuration of basic settings, connection with all your working stations, consumer goods such as toners, maintenance, repairs and problem solving, spare parts… in short, the maintenance contract guaranteed by CopyBuro contains everything except for staples and paper. Our stock management service ensures a daily supply of all possible spare parts.

Our technicians are qualified in electro-mechanics and informatics so that they can solve all possible problems. Because of the technological complexity and evolutions, they continuously follow trainings and refresher courses given by experts.

Within the scope of a maintenance contract a telephone call is enough for a technical intervention within 4 to 6 hours after your call. Our technicians are also reachable directly by telephone for all your technical questions.