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Konica Minolta bizhub C458

45/45 ppm in colour and black & white

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Konica Minolta bizhub C458

  • Speed: 45/45 ppm in colour and black & white
  • Paper formats: A6-SRA3
  • Top-class A3 colour MFP
  • User friendly: the largest touchscreen ever in the Konica Minolta line-up
  • Perfect platform for productive office environments

MyTab : Print driver customisation

Carbon Copy print : Single page printing from multiple trays

Direct print : Driverless printing of PDF, XPS, JPEG, TIFF, PS and PCL

Smart job queue : Unprintable jobs e.g. because of unavailable paper size (copy, print and fax) are bypassed by consecutive jobs

Toner save mode : Helps save toner by reducing toner consumption e.g. for draft prints

Mobile Printing : Possibility to directly print documents from a mobile device


Job preview : Illustrates selected copy functions on screen

Custom function bar : Up to 2 x 7 copy functions can be freely selected for the main copy screen

Blank page removal : Automatic deletion of blank pages e.g. when copying mixed simplex and duplex documents

Card shot : Prints copies of the front and back of the original on the same page, e.g. for passport and other ID


Scan-to-Me/Home : Direct scan to own email address (Me) or SMB folder (Home) based on Active Directory information

Scan preview : Provides a real-time preview of scanned originals for checking before sending

Scan annotation : Stamping of e.g. date/time, filing number or custom text on scans for archiving purposes

Scan programs : Pre-setting of original, scan file and destination for regular scan jobs

Scan to url : Reduce the load on the company network by sending a simple url to the recipient instead of a big file

Blank page removal : Automatic deletion of blank pages e.g. when scanning mixed simplex and duplex documents


IP-Fax : Sending of fax messages via network between Konica Minolta MFPs; supports colour as well as black & white

PC-Fax : Direct fax transmission from the PC

Fax forwarding : Forwarding of incoming fax documents by email or to SMB folder instead of printing

Shared address book : The MFP-internal address book can be shared with the PC fax client

Tray selection : Choice of input tray / print media and output tray for  easy visibility of incoming faxes


Authentication : User access by password, user name + password, ID card or finger vein scanner

Access rights : Function access rights can be granted on user level (up to 1,000 accounts on MFP)

Data encryption : Encryption of data stored on hard disk and password protection for hard disk access

Temporary data deletion : Copy, print, scan and fax job data are automatically deleted after job completion


Dynamic eco timer : Automatic analysis of working hours and adjustment of sleep mode timing

ECO scan : Scanning of documents without warm-up of the print engine

ECO print : Touch screen panel does not light up for printing out of sleep mode

Weekly timer : Sleep mode timer setting on day and date basis

ECO meter : Counter for ECO related items e.g. power consumption

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